Docket Decisions: How Lawinator Keeps Your Documents Organized

The attorney software you’ve been waiting for

Managing, mastering, and monitoring the vast complexities of a fast-paced industry is not without its difficulties. Law professionals, specifically, are tasked with handfuls of diligent daily duties. Juggling such rigorous tasks warrants the need for a labor-reducing attorney software program. Lawinator, a law office software, provides just that with its organizational features and tracking capabilities. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or oversee a large number of lawyers, Lawinator’s feature-heavy interface caters to a wide scope of audiences.

Payment tracking

No doubt a cumbersome task, manually tracking payments can cause mind-boggling confusion. What’s more, you’re prone to mistakes. With this attorney billing software you can easily log payments while unburdening yourself from the tricky nature of tracking.


Invoicing has proven itself to be a detail-oriented, labor-intensive duty. With Lawinator’s straightforward layout and user-friendly navigation, creating and sending invoices is a breeze.

Document organization

Gone are the days of dysfunctional file cabinet practices. Safely store your pertinent information with Lawinator’s document organization tool. For added reassurance, your data is backed-up daily.

Client notes

Relying on your memory to log important client information is ill-advised. Both convenient and effective, the client notes tool allows you to remain organized while simultaneously keeping others informed.

Help desk

Among Lawinator’s most handy features is the help desk device. With assistance from the help desk tool, clients can open a help ticket without calling into the office. This keeps the phone lines free while allowing you to roam freely through the office.

Assigning tasks

Corral your peers and instill a sense of morale with the task tracking feature. Simply assign roles and monitor progress to keep your office operating smoothly.

Tracking hours

In mere seconds, you can input your billable hours. With easy referencing capabilities, you can track the information at any time.