3 Ways to Increase Your Firm’s Productivity with Lawinator

Running a law office can be a difficult job. There are so many different things going on: from meeting with clients to billing and scheduling. It seems like lawyers and paralegals are always running to catch up. Using Lawinator, our legal practice software, you can help streamline your office and free up time to devote to your clients.
Here are three ways Lawinator can help your practice.

1. Tracking Billable Hours

As lawyers, we are all familiar with the task of tracking our billable hours. It’s important that each client be given the proper amount of attention. Tracking hours on paper is time-consuming and can lead to errors, further slowing the process of getting work done. With Lawinator, mistakes will become few and far between. Our software allows lawyers and support staff alike to track their hours with ease. Our law firm software even has mobile capability to track hours on the go.

2. Invoicing

Billing clients is a job that can take one or two employees’ time to complete. It’s important that invoices be completed quickly and accurately and be submitted to clients with ample time to pay. Our software frees up your employees’ valuable time and can streamline your operations. Your employees will be able to spend more time on direct client contact than on fixing problems behind the scenes.

3. Simple To Use Legal Practice Software

Some paperless law office software is too complicated. It won’t take months for your staff to learn how to use our law management software. The interface makes sense. It is truly a turnkey system, developed by lawyers with the help of software engineers: not the other way around. Finally, the best part of using our software is that everyone in the office will be happy to use it. Furthermore, it will make their jobs simpler and their days more productive.